A retro bonnet bus tour of the city + Ginzan Hot Spring Lodging plan

Ride the ”YAMAGATA NOSTALGIC”retro bus to tour Obanazawa and the Taisho Roman hot spring town, Ginzan Hot Spring and Lodge.

Ginzan Onsen (Photo Credit: yamagatakanko.com)

Tour includes :

Obanazawa (Bonnet Bus ride: city tour and gas lantern lighting Ginzan Hot Spring course)+ Ginzan Hot Spring Lodging

Tour Period : 01 October 2018 - 31 March 2019

Black out dates: Please check the calendar.


*Please contact your travel agency

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Tour Details

Minimum number of passengers Reservations available for parties larger than 2.
Station of departure
  • Oishida Sta.
Others ※Scheduled operation may be unavailable due to traffic congestion or weather.
Links [Basho Aokaze History Museum] http://www.city.obanazawa.yamagata.jp/2251.html
[Tokura Lake] http://www.city.obanazawa.yamagata.jp/1899.html
[Ginzan Hot Spring] http://www.ginzanonsen.jp/
[Senkyo no Shuku Ginsanso] http://www.ginzanso.jp/

Model Course


Retro Bus

<Information about Bus>

※If you arrive later, you may not be able to board the bus, as the bus may have to depart at the scheduled departure time with or without you.

※This bus tour is operated by fixed schedule. Please note that the time required for travel and sightseeing is subject to change depending on weather and traffic conditions.  

※Guiding will be Japanese.

※Please hand your voucher to the bus crew.

Basho-Seihu Historical Museum(tour, approx. 20 minutes)

 A museum that transmits the history and culture of Obanazawa.  The museum building leaves a feeling of an Edo Period township in the  Obanazawa area. 

Tokura Lake(tour, approx. 5 minutes)

The birthplace of the Hanagasa Dance.  A man-made irrigation lake built during the Taisho Era.  You can see swans arrive by air to pass the winter. 


Ginzan Hot Spring Walk(approx. 45 minutes)

There are many European-style wooden, multi-level buildings built from the late Taisho Period to the early Showa Period,               



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