World Heritage Hiraizumi Full Tour(lunch included)

Pure Land of the ancients


Tour includes :

Chusonji Temple visitation ticket + Lunch + 1-day bus pass

Tour Period : 01 October 2018 - 31 March 2019

Black out dates: Please check the calendar.


*Please contact your travel agency

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Tour Details

Station of departure
  • Ichinoseki Sta.
Others *This course is a course that allows each customer to freely travel around each facility within each business hours. However, Lunch at Hiraizumi Rest House will be started from 11:00 ~ 14:00.

*Voucher ticket will be used as a bus ticket. *Please show a voucher ticket to the driver.
*Please note that the voucher ticket can not be reissued even if lost, please be careful.
Links [Motsuji Temple]
[Chusonji Temple]
[Hiraizumi Rest House]

Model Course

Motsuji Temple

A verdant, green garden. A pure garden with elegance that you can feel.

*Fees:customer's responsibility

Visit Chusonji temple

This temple entombs Fujiwara the 3rd, who found success in Hiraizumi. This famous temple has an overwhelming golden hall that is truly a sight to behold. 

Opening time:
3/1~11/3: 8:30-17:00
11/4~End of February: 8:30-16:30

Lunch at Hiraizumi Rest House

A rest house convenient for those visiting Chusonji Temple, offering a Maesawa beef sukiyaki lunch set. 

※Please hand your voucher to the rest house staff. Will guide you to the lunch place.

(Lunch Time:11:00-14:00)



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