Namahage no Sato Oga Peninsula Full Tour

You know NAMAHAGE?

Tour includes :

Taxi + Namahage Museum・Oga Shinzan Museum

Tour Period : 01/04/2017 - 30/09/2017


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Minimum number of passengers ※Parties of 2 or more should please make a reservation.
Station of departure
  • Oga Sta.
Others ※Facilities may be closed due to circumstances.
*You may be grouped with other customers.
*OK Tour Taxi or Funagawa Taxi (no designated taxi)
*The taxi type/number will vary depending on reserved number of people and reservation conditions. (Not specified)
*Scheduled taxi operation may be cancelled due to traffic conditions, weather, etc.
*Departure times may vary from the schedule.
Links [Namahage Museum]
[Oga Shinzan Museum]

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(13:40) (14:55)

Namahage Museum・Oga Shinzan Museum (tour, approx. 80 minutes)

[Namahage Museum]
Experience the history, mystery, and everything else about Namahage.

[Oga Shinzan Museum]
You can see the nearness and feel the power at this museum that recreates the private homes of artists typical of Namahage.

Learning time:14:00~ 
※You may not be able to see if all the seats are taken.



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