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Kakunodate Bukeyashiki

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Bus fare + 2 Local Snacks

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Minimum number of passengers 1 PAX
Station of departure
  • Tazawako Sta.
Others ※This bus tour is operated by the fixed schedule. Please note that the time required for travel and sightseeing is subject to change depending on weather and traffic conditions.

<Information about the Bus>
※Please gather at the bus stop by 10 minutes before the departure time.
※If you arrive later, the bus may have to depart at the scheduled departure time with or without you.
※The guidance is in Japanese.
※Please hand your voucher to the bus crew.
Links [Dakigaeri Valley]
[Ando Brewing]
[Tazawa Lakeside Tatsuko Statue]
[Tazawako Kohan no Mori Restaurant ORAE]
[Tazawako Kyoei Palace]
[Yama no Hachimitsuya]

Model Course


Dakigaeri Valley (Walking: About70min.)

Known as the Yabakei of Tohoku, the virgin forests on both sides, the waterfalls on the rocks, and the unique blue waters of the streams are a beautiful sight.

Kakunodate Bukeyashiki (Walking・ Lunch★1:About90min.)

The historic Samurai House and cherry blossom trees are beautiful, and the tourist attraction is exactly what they call "Michinoku's small Kyoto".

★1 Lunch:customer's responsibility

Ando Brewing Kitaura mainhall (Shopping: About20min.)

It is a long-established store of miso, soy sauce, pickles and special products.

Tazawa Lakeside Tatsuko Statue (Car window tour)

Here, you can see Japan’s deepest lapis lazuli lake and the bronze statue of the legendary Princess Tatsuko. 

Yama no Hachimitsuya (Shopping: About15min.)

Since beekeeping has been in operating for many years around Lake Tazawa, it is famous for good quality honey. You can taste and buy fresh honey at the direct sales shop Yama no Hachimitsuya.





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