Tour includes :

One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour
+ Goryokaku Tower Admission
+ Museum Ship Mashu Maru of Hakodate Admission
+ Motomachi Guided Tour
+ Drink(milk or Yogurt drink)
+ Waffle(small size)

Tour Period : 01 April 2019 - 30 September 2019


*Please contact your travel agency

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Tour Details

Minimum number of passengers 1 PAX
Station of departure
  • Hakodate Sta.
Others [Information about Bus]
※Please notify us of your boarding place at the time of reservation.
※This bus tour is operated by fixed schedule and itinerary. Please note that the time required for travel and sightseeing is subject to change depending on weather and traffic conditions.
※Those of who will get on the bus from HEISEIKAN KAIYOTEI/LA VISTA HAKODATE BAY, please hand the voucher to the bus crew.
Customer who join this tour from Hakodate Station Bus Terminal, please exchange your coupon for a bus ticket 15 minutes before departure at the Hokuto Kotsu office in the waiting area of the Hakodate Station bus.
※If you arrive later, you may not be able to board the bus, as the bus may have to depart at the scheduled departure time with or without you.
※Guided tour part is in Japanese. Voice Guidance system is available in the bus(English,Chinese,Korean)
※Please note that we will not re-issue the coupon if you lose it.
※If a scheduled visit site is closed, a visit will be made to another site.
Links [Goryokaku Tower]
[Trappistine Convent]
[Hakodate milk "Ice 118"]
[Hakodate Morning Market]
[Museum Ship Mashu Maru of Hakodate]
[Foreigners’ Cemetery]
[Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse]

Model Course




Goryokaku Park (About 50 min.)

A star-shaped fort designated as a Special Historic Site by the national government.

Trappistine Convent (About 30 min.)

The first convent in Japan founded by eight nuns dispatched from France in 1898.
※When the Trappistine Convent is closed, the bus tour guide will talk about the convent in front of the main gate.

Hakodate milk "Ice 118" (About 25 min.)

Direct sales of various dairy products such as soft cream and cheese that boast the true taste of milk.
※Operating hours:9:00~17:00
※Milk or Yogurt drink Present!


Hakodate Morning Market
(About 50 min.)

★1 Free time for lunch at the Hakodate Morning Market (meal expenses shall be borne by customers themselves).

Museum Ship Mashu Maru of Hakodate (About 50 min.)

The Mashu Maru, which operated until the very end of the Seikan Ferry service, has been moored, preserved, and opened to the public at the former Hakodate second pier.


Guided Walks through Churches in Motomachi (About 60 min.)

The Motomachi neighborhood is full of historical buildings such as churches and one-time foreign residences. The exotic atmosphere of the streetscape and the sweeping views of the port from the slopes give this area its picturesque flavor.

Foreigners’ Cemetery (About 15 min.)

A quiet cemetery for the people from Russia and China, Protestant dissenters, and two American sailors from the Perry fleet.

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse
(About 40 min.)

An old-fashioned brick building for shopping and gourmet food.
※BAY SIDE RESTAURANT 「Minato no Mori」 :Small size of deserts(Waffle) present!






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