Experience ancient Japanese martial arts

Experience HIROSAKI

9.KOBUDO (2)

Tour includes :

experience ancient Japanese martial arts (Naginata or military arts)+※sweets+coffeeー  

Tour Period : 01/04/2018 - 31/03/2019

Black out dates:refer to calender


*Please contact your travel agency

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Tour Details

Minimum number of passengers ※Parties of 2 or more should please make a reservation.(seating capacity:15)
Station of departure
  • Hirosaki Sta.
Others ※Please gather at the front of Hirosaki City tourism Museum's reception desk at 12:45.
※Please inform gender, age information of each member when making your reservation.
※Please choose the activity you would like to join between Naginata or Martial Arts. (Same activity in the same group)
※Tour will be guided in English.
Links [Hirosaki City Tourist Information Center] http://www.city.hirosaki.aomori.jp/gaiyou/shisetsu/2015-0223-1057-41.html

Model Course

(12:30 )


Hirosaki City Tourist Information

assembling at the front of Hirosaki City tourism Museum's reception  desk

(13:00) (15:30)

experience ancient martial arts and coffee break

[Kobudo Experience]
Experience course which limited in Japanese. After that, you will enjoy tea and sweets in western style building.

Japan weapons widely used in ancient times, currently known as one of the martial arts competitions.
On the day:
① Change into a hakama, learn how to use Naginata.
② Learn basic actions such as stance, distance etc. and practice.
Perform basic Naginata skill. ※The show will be all held indoor on that day.

Swordsmanship learned by samurai in Hirosaki, the only swordsmanship in Japan.
On the day:
①Change into a hakama, learn how to use swords.
②Learning and practicing how samurai walk, how samurai respond when meeting people or how samurai protect themselves from adversaries while moving to Hirosaki Park.
③Practice swordsmanship using wooden sword. ※In case of rain, we will practice indoors.



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