Fully Enjoy Tazawako Lake

A Power Spot Linking Beauty and Fate

Tour includes :

Tazawako Lake pleasure cruise + Lunch

Tour Period : 26/04/2017 - 30/09/2017

Black out dates: Please check the calendar.


*Please contact your travel agency

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Tour Details

Minimum number of passengers ※Parties of 2 or more should please make a reservation.
Station of departure
  • Tazawako Sta.
Others *This course is a course that allows each customer to freely travel around each facility within each business hours. However, Lunch at Tazawako Resuto House will be started from 11:00 ~ 13:30.
And, please carefully check the boat's service time.

※Facilities you are going to visit may be closed even on days other than regular closing day due to circumstances.
*Please pass the voucher to the reception at Tazawako Rest House. A boat ticket will be handed to you.
*You can use pleasure boat only 1 time at 9: 00, 11: 00, 13: 00 or 15: 00.
Links [Tazawako Lake Rest House]https://ugokotsu.co.jp/tazawa/

Model Couse

Tazawako Lakeside walk

Akita's best scenic spots. Enjoy cruising in expressive lake from season to season.

(11:00) (13:30)

Tazawako Rest House (lunch)

Hachimantai pork shabu-shabu and famous Inaniwa Udon lunch.

Meal contents may change depending on availability. 

lunchtime 11:00~13:30

Pleasure cruise

Pleasure boat regular service:9:00・11:00・13:00・15:00(Approximately 40minutes)



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